AI Hiring Booth

Have you ever had to record a video for a job interview?

More and more companies are automating the job interview process. Some companies will ask you to submit a video and respond to common interview questions. They can then use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to 'grade' your response.

But how can these AI interviewers work?

How can an AI accurately evaluate the diversity of possible candidates? Some companies try to identify patterns in your speech, such as word speed or matching words from a job description. Others will analyze your facial expressions to determine your personality.

Whether this should or not be done is an on going debate. Would you want to apply for a job where a computer decides if you are hired or not? How do make sure that AI interviewers do not discriminate?

Do you think you could be hired by an AI?

Select a job description, answer a question, and see for yourself!

Job Description: We are seeking experienced drivers who can oversee the safety of our riders and ensure their transportation to and from their desired locations. A great candidate is someone who has a passion for transportation, understands all road and safety signs, comprehends their local streets, and has an ability to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Job Description: In the dog walker role, you will walk dogs from client homes as scheduled. A key element of this role is to have physical stamina and the ability to control multiple dogs during walks with intermittent hazards such as vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Success in this role will be determined by client satisfaction and the health and well-being of the client’s pets.

Job Description: We are looking for a detail-oriented Proofreader to join our team. You must be proficient in basic and advanced grammar rules and understand how they are used within our style guides. Our ideal candidate is meticulous in reviewing copy, noting errors such as punctuation, spelling, and word usage, and knows how to check statements for accuracy or potential plagiarism. You must communicate effectively with the writers and other staff to ensure documents meet all company guidelines.

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